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Term 2 Update




Junior Classes

Students in Year 1 and 2 continue to develop their skills in CAFÉ reading with a major focus this term on comprehension. Our junior students will be involved in procedural, expository, and narrative writing throughout the term in VOICES. TiLER will continue to give students learning opportunities, which allow them to develop the mathematical skills to solve real life mathematical problems. We will focus on probability, data, place value, and measurement. Our big question for Learn by Design for the term is “How does what I do affect the environment?”  The Year 1/2 students will focus on different types of environments and how they can be sustained.

Middle Classes

As part of our Learn by Design  “How Does What We Do Affect Our Environment?” we will be looking at our world and how what we do has an effect on it.  This will include things such as extinction, sustainability, pollution, recycling and other ways that we can make a difference to our world, by the way that we shop, the way that we package things and also what we do with our rubbish.

In CAFÉ Reading we are continuing to work on all the different strategies that will help to improve the children’s reading skills, especially with “comprehension” so that they realise the importance of understanding what they read. Each child should be reading their share book for 15 minutes each night and discussing it to show this understanding. In VOICES writing we will be introducing Procedure and Narrative writing as well as revising the other genres we introduced earlier in the year. In TiLER, Maths we will be revising numeration and place value focussing on the connections between multiplication and division and addition and subtraction as well as understanding how the different aspects of number relate to each other.

Each week we are working on increasing our knowledge of vocabulary and we introduce and talk about a Literacy and a Numeracy word- discussing it’s meaning, the type of word that it is, how it can be used and what are similar words to use instead of them. 4MB is continuing to develop our “Smiling Mind” program that is always a “relaxing” time for us and a chance to unwind, usually at the end of the day. It is a skill we are developing to use for times when we become stressed or overwhelmed by things or people that annoy us, both at school and at home! 4MB have also welcomed back our two green tree frogs Green Eggs and Skippy. We have lots of fun watching them chase their crickets at meal times and also when they decide to make noises when we have our ‘tables races’ - maybe they think that there is an approaching thunderstorm with all our yelling!



Senior Classes

Welcome back to our final term of 2017.  It is just amazing how quickly the year has flown. 

It will be an exciting term for our Year Six students who will be heading off to secondary school next year. Many preparations have been put into place to make sure our students have a smooth and happy transition. We are also all looking forward to their Graduation dinner, which will be held at The Cranbourne Turf Club on Thursday the 7th of December. We really hope that all of our students will be able to attend.

It will also be an exciting term for our Year Fives as they head into their most senior year as leaders of CWPS

Our Big Question this term is “How does what we do affect our environment?” We will be investigating biodiversity and sustainability and the responsibilities and roles that we all play in order to look after our beautiful planet.

This term we were fortunate enough to have been offered a free excursion to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens on Thursday the 19th October and it was fantastic to see that all of our Year 5/6 students took up this great opportunity. After visiting the gardens and working with a professional poet, the students will continue to develop their poems about nature at school.

Family Life Education will be running this term and we hope that as many Year 5/6 students as possible will attend this very professionally run program. It covers a variety of topics that will help your children cope with adolescence and its many challenges.