School Values

School Values

Trust - Respect - Learning - Sense of Humour


Which means:

A firm belief in the school’s ability to provide a rich learning environment

And is shown when we as students:

Know we will get a fair hearing

Are able to speak to staff in a confidential manner

Know we are safe, secure and free from harassment

Are provided with appropriate learning experiences

And is shown when we as staff:

Are supported by the leadership team

Are given opportunities to develop personally and professionally in a positive atmosphere

Show confidentiality with sensitive issues between ourselves

And is shown when we as a school community: 

Can talk to staff about sensitive issues regarding our children and know that something constructive will be done in confidence

Have faith in the professionalism of the staff to provide the best possible education for our children

Have confidence in the school’s efforts to provide a safe and secure environment


Which means:

Valuing people’s worth and qualities and treating everyone in the school community in a polite and friendly manner.

And is shown when we as students:

Speak to everybody in a civil and positive manner

Care for our property, each other’s property and that of the school

Are good ambassadors for our school

Allow others to be different

Listen to and have empathy for others

Acknowledge the role of the teacher in our learning

And is shown when we as staff:

Value each other as professionals

React positively to individual needs and differences and respond appropriately

Treat all students fairly and reasonably

Recognise that the parent/teacher partnership is vital for success

And is shown when we as a school community:

Understand and support decisions made by the school

Communicate with the school through the appropriate and established channels

Avoid confrontation and involvement in disputes between students

Give people the benefit of the doubt and listen to both sides of the story


Which means:  

Growth through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experiences

And is shown when we as students:

Are prepared to accept challenges

Have confidence in sharing our knowledge and skills


Co-operate with others in a positive manner

Develop independent learning habits through the use of available resources

And is shown when we as staff:

Plan and operate effectively in a whole school team

Recognise the effectiveness of team work in utilising individual talents, knowledge and interests

Actively seek to improve our knowledge about learning and teaching

Are life long learners

Value parent’s contributions to their student’s learning

Recognise individual differences and rates of learning

And is shown when we as a school community:

Celebrate student effort and success

Support and encourage our students in their learning

Participate enthusiastically and positively in school activities

Recognise and accept that individual student’s learning can vary

Promote our school


Which means:  

Appreciation of life and the ability to see a sense of fun in most situations

And is shown when we as students:

Laugh with each other and not at each other

Can smile in the face of adversity

Endeavour to be optimistic and positive

And is shown when we as staff: 

Can defuse conflict through sensitive use of humour

Smile and laugh

Engender a sense of fun in daily activities

And is shown when we as a school community:

Stress to our children that learning is important but it can be fun at times

Laugh with our own children but not at the expense of others