Pedagogical Statement

Pedagogical Statement

Our School Wide Pedagogy Promotes

  • Areas not grades 
  • Point of need teaching
  • Goal based learning
  • Teacher modelling and assistance to enable students to organise, arrange and manipulate information.


A values rich environment that actively fosters trust, respect, learning and a sense of humour.

This includes:

  • Child-centred learning
  • Innovative curriculum approach


A supportive classroom environment that encourages student engagement through a variety of learning styles. 

  • Individual responsibility for behaviour and outcomes in a supportive environment. 
  • Teachers as facilitators of effective learning. 
  • Real-life experiences to enhance student learning. 
  • Positive, collaborative and independent learning. 
  • Thinking and learning skills, which transfer across the curriculum. 
  • Development of academic competencies and supports student’s health and wellbeing within their environment. 
  • Understanding and the ability to think about current and future world issues.


Personalised Learning

Targeted Teaching Independent Learning Explicit Teaching Collaborative Teams

Cranbourne West Primary School uses the Learn By Design approach to curriculum planning. This is a process that provides staff and students with a common language (for planning, implementing and classroom use) that promotes deep thinking. It is a pedagogical approach based on the eight australian pokies online student learning knowledge processes that closely parallels the recommended DEECD E5 model

The Eight Knowledge Processes are:

  • Experiencing The Known
  • The New
  • Conceptualising By Naming
  • By Theorising
  • Analysing Functionally
  • Critically
  • Applying Appropriately
  • Creatively

Planning documents are expected to show the relationship between the teachers’ aim and objectives for each lesson and the student activities coming out of the aims.